I Got That Summertime, Summertime Sadness


This photo is totally tumblr-worthy.

Willing to go through anything just to get a good picture, here we are lying straight under the scorching hot sun. It took several tries to get THE ONE where everyone was smiling. If you saw the outtakes, you'd know that the struggle is real. 

So how was your summer break?
I am pretty BUMMED that our 4-month summer break is ending.
The majority of our summer was mostly spent on internships so we didn't have long breaks.
We weren't one of those people on Facebook who kept complaining about the long break. In fact, after 4 moths, we were all like, 4 months na? Dalia ra oy.

This blogpost is dedicated to my only vacay outing with friends this summer. 

In between our 1st and 2nd internships, we had a breather week. So we planned this mini trip to this new local beach resort. And by new, i mean NEW. It hasn't officially opened yet so I had to call the management in advance to make reservations. And when we arrived, we were the only guests there! So we pranced around like we owned the place. 

Hence the gazillion photos of us scenery. The shameless camwhores we are.

Don't I just look so happy here?

We truly had loads of fun posing swimming.

Its been roughly more than a year since my last pool summer post - with almost~ the exact same hoes.

Now that I mentioned it, FUNNY thing is, I only ever get 1 pool party every summer break.
I know right? I get a lot of action.

Notice the cute dreamcatcher necklaces everyone's sporting? and the flower crowns? My classmates make them by hand and you can order these from All Things Handmade. They can also do custom designs for crowns, bracelets rings - the works! They ship too :)

Tumblr-worthy baaa or not? 

Good bye summer! 10 months til we meet again
Til then I shall deal with school whilst trying to find myself.


Oh so you thought this post was done?

I never end posts without the customary shot of thyself.
Just lovin' the reflections from the sunglasses.
And for some reason, my armpit looks just FLAWLESS in this shot.
Ha ha!

Next time bitches!

Shari :)


  1. Lovely photos ;)

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  2. Cool, nice pics :)


  3. love this post, looks like you had a good time.
    seeing this, im totally missing summer haha
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