Hair Story + Perm


HA. HA. 
Its been like 3 months since i got my perm but im still blogging about it right now.
This is also gonna be about my hair story and how it should be congratulated for surviving 8 years of chemical abuse.

I have always had naturally curly/wavy hair. Sometimes it would also transition to frizzy/kinky if combed or windblown. 

yeah my brother was like so white and i was like so dark skinned. 

But when I reached 6th grade my hair just got too frizzy and so out of control my parents decided to get my hair rebonded. 
Hence, the beginning of my straight-hair era:

and every year since then, i would have to go back to the salon to get it rebonded again. 

and again

So I've been rebonding since 6th grade all the way to 3rd year College. I must say that for a lazy girl that doesn't comb her hair and primp, the rebonded hair was nice and easy to manage. -- ONLY UNTIL ABOUT 3 months. Because when your natural roots start to grow, it'll look damn weird.

The photos above were when of my hair when it was just newly rebonded. The photos below are of my hair after 3-5 months since the rebonding: 

I'm the one with the weird hair. 

Like frizzy hair in the top and straight hair in the bottom. And I had to wait until the root growth was long enough to get a retouch. So in that waiting period, i had weird-ass hair. My friends/classmates would ask "What's up with your hair? Why is it so weird?"  

                  Yeah so I had transitioned from pretty to unpretty hair back and forth for 8 years. I did some research on how I could go back to my natural hair because I was really getting tired of all of it. The hair would be nice only for the first 3 months, then totally ugly for the next months so I had to go back for touch up. So tiring. I mean, I CAN'T KEEP DOING THIS FOREVER.

What I found out was that curly people who have been straightening their hair and wanted to stop, got it permed. So I decided to get my hair permed too. So when the roots grow out, it would look natural.
I really wanted to get the perm a long time ago but my parents weren't convinced it would help. But I never stopped talking and pestering them about it, that this year they finally agreed to get it permed. Showing my mom this video also convinced her:

Oh thank God somebody out there also shares the same fate as me.

So I finally got my hair digitally permed last last last month! Since the curly hair was already growing out, I asked to get a perm that would match the curl of my natural hair. The stylists gave me medium curls since it would loosen up after a few months and last longer.

I don't have proper pics though just selfies from my instagram. That's why my ig pics are so overused in this blog.

This is the pic that best shows the state of my hair now. Naturally curly at the top half and digitally permed at the bottom half. 
The kind of perm that I got was "Organic Digiperm". My hair thankfully isn't very dry, it just appears somewhat dry because of the frizz from the curls. I should give my hair a pat for surviving all the torture i put it through. 


On another note, please continue to pray for Typhoon Haiyan Victims. I have never been so thankful to be living, eating and sleeping properly. I hope they find good homes before Christmas. 
As students here in Cebu, we use our free time to volunteer at packing relief goods.
Quite fun and met new friends there. 

photo from Marel's facebook

I really do hope these thousands of goods find their way to families soon enough. :)


God bless us all.
It's almost Christmas!