Enthusiastic Teenagers


Is it possible to just suddenly become overly sensitive for no apparent reason?
I've always been called dense, insensitive, isog and I always took pride in knowing that.

But just recently I've been turning into a big baby.

I cried like 1236273 times in Catching Fire, like even more than Les Mis. wth?? Well, IT WAS A PRETTY GOOD MOVIE. Trumps the first one all the way. 

I normally don't do mainstream things or join the hype. So it felt really funny/awkward to line up to get tickets to Catching Fire with hundreds of ENTHUSIASTIC TEENAGERS. I felt so old. 

I watched with my cousins and we watched during Premiere Week, so there were TEENAGERS ALL OVER THE PLACE. 

During the movie itself, every kiss scene, every Liam Hemsworth scene, every Peeta-close-up scene, you could hear SCREAMING TEENAGERS. oh gawd how i am supposed to listen to the conversations with screaming teenagers everywhere?!?!


I also cried like 1233 times in Frozen. And get a load of this: I CRIED IMMEDIATELY DURING THE OPENING TITLE. You know the opening title of Disney with the castle? Yeah I just suddenly burst out into tears in that part. 

Its not like I haven't seen a Disney movie in years. I watch every Disney film, I don't know why I cried in this one's opening title. It must be because of the music. The music played in Frozen's opening title was different, not the "When you wish upon a star" theme. It was pretty good. 

Or maybe it was the CHILDHOOD FEELS just rushing up at the sight of magical Disney.

And that was just the intro. I cried in every succeeding scene and song.. until about the middle part where Olaf comes in. This character is damn funny, everybody kept laughing during the 2nd half. 

I must say it was a pretty good Disney movie. There were new elements and the humor was very modern. To me, this was one those movies where I like the beginning more than the end. The ending wasn't that stunning but the story progression as a whole was FABULOUS. (for lack of a better term). 

And the singing was FABULOUSSS. Idina Menzel really brings out the FABULOUSSNESS of her character, Elsa
Elsa's transformation was just FABULOUUSSS!!

It was just sad that they had to make Prince Hans a bad character. Well, it was best for the kids since every Disney movie needs a bad guy. But it would have been more realistic if his character wasn't so flat and predictable. 

But the whole movie itself was FABULOOUUUS!!!!


Just a disclaimer, I am still a teenager myself but... I think I don't feel like one??
More like an adult in a mid-life crisis in a teenager's skin.
More like.

Happy Holidays Bitches!

Hair Story + Perm


HA. HA. 
Its been like 3 months since i got my perm but im still blogging about it right now.
This is also gonna be about my hair story and how it should be congratulated for surviving 8 years of chemical abuse.

I have always had naturally curly/wavy hair. Sometimes it would also transition to frizzy/kinky if combed or windblown. 

yeah my brother was like so white and i was like so dark skinned. 

But when I reached 6th grade my hair just got too frizzy and so out of control my parents decided to get my hair rebonded. 
Hence, the beginning of my straight-hair era:

and every year since then, i would have to go back to the salon to get it rebonded again. 

and again

So I've been rebonding since 6th grade all the way to 3rd year College. I must say that for a lazy girl that doesn't comb her hair and primp, the rebonded hair was nice and easy to manage. -- ONLY UNTIL ABOUT 3 months. Because when your natural roots start to grow, it'll look damn weird.

The photos above were when of my hair when it was just newly rebonded. The photos below are of my hair after 3-5 months since the rebonding: 

I'm the one with the weird hair. 

Like frizzy hair in the top and straight hair in the bottom. And I had to wait until the root growth was long enough to get a retouch. So in that waiting period, i had weird-ass hair. My friends/classmates would ask "What's up with your hair? Why is it so weird?"  

                  Yeah so I had transitioned from pretty to unpretty hair back and forth for 8 years. I did some research on how I could go back to my natural hair because I was really getting tired of all of it. The hair would be nice only for the first 3 months, then totally ugly for the next months so I had to go back for touch up. So tiring. I mean, I CAN'T KEEP DOING THIS FOREVER.

What I found out was that curly people who have been straightening their hair and wanted to stop, got it permed. So I decided to get my hair permed too. So when the roots grow out, it would look natural.
I really wanted to get the perm a long time ago but my parents weren't convinced it would help. But I never stopped talking and pestering them about it, that this year they finally agreed to get it permed. Showing my mom this video also convinced her:

Oh thank God somebody out there also shares the same fate as me.

So I finally got my hair digitally permed last last last month! Since the curly hair was already growing out, I asked to get a perm that would match the curl of my natural hair. The stylists gave me medium curls since it would loosen up after a few months and last longer.

I don't have proper pics though just selfies from my instagram. That's why my ig pics are so overused in this blog.

This is the pic that best shows the state of my hair now. Naturally curly at the top half and digitally permed at the bottom half. 
The kind of perm that I got was "Organic Digiperm". My hair thankfully isn't very dry, it just appears somewhat dry because of the frizz from the curls. I should give my hair a pat for surviving all the torture i put it through. 


On another note, please continue to pray for Typhoon Haiyan Victims. I have never been so thankful to be living, eating and sleeping properly. I hope they find good homes before Christmas. 
As students here in Cebu, we use our free time to volunteer at packing relief goods.
Quite fun and met new friends there. 

photo from Marel's facebook

I really do hope these thousands of goods find their way to families soon enough. :)


God bless us all.
It's almost Christmas!

Just to make sure


that i make sure that i surely act on this project for sure.

By announcing the existence of such project I ensure that I try my best to accomplish it. (Because I always try my best to fulfill anything I publicly announce so as to not embarrass myself).

Because i think i need to make the remaining time i have left on this break useful and "goal-oriented". HEHE!
Because my sembreak this time is so0o0o not goal oriented.
What have I been doing all the time?
BUMMING and taking selfies. And i enjoy it very much.

plenty more where this came from

During school days, I easily get eaten up by stress. I can normally handle it though but this semester was the hardest one so far, I had a little episodic breakdown in front of my mother (shhh its our little secret okayy). So I promised myself that when break comes, I WILL BUM AT HOME AND FORGET THE WORLD.

and yeah i have.

But while I'm doing that, i think i need to set some "goals" because school starts next next week. booo.
I need to start getting it together. Oooohhh that makes me sound like balanced individual.

But funny thing is none of these goals are actually academic. They consist of mundane girly stuff like getting my hair done, getting some clothes tailor fitted, getting more clothes, buying lipgloss and getting better skin??
But thats not the point of this post.
The biggest goal, which is the point of this whole post, is cosplay-related. 

it is so embarrassing. idk why
if you're reading this, i hope we don't go to the same school.

I wanna go as Lina Inverse of Dota to OtakuFest2014. 
I will go as Lina Inverse of Dota to OtakuFest2014. 

My first choice was actually the Vengeful Spirit, Shendelzare Silkwood from dota 2 simply because her costume is the COOLEST. (with less skimpy modifications ofcourse)

But I decided to go with Lina in the end because I wanted to choose the character I knew more.
I hope I can actually do this.

I keep telling myself: no more room for doubt and hesitation. The last time I allowed that there were severe repercussions. 

Because I am so indecisive and i hesitate for TOO LONG, I have this really bad habit of cramming, especially on costumes.  I do enjoy making them but I always end up cramming them because I take too long to decide and don't plan ahead. 
Nevertheless, I usually always get away with it and manage to show up with something considerably good. I feel confident that I can complete a costume in about just 3 days time. 

Madhatter, 2012 (first time ever)

Scarecrow, 2013

Corpse Bride, 2013

But there was this one time that I crammed a costume so bad, I didn't make it in time to the convention. I managed to finish it and put it on but by the time we were on the way, I had a bad head ache and the event was about to end anyway. So I didn't push through. 

the "i got ready but didn't make it" selfie

I even got sick because of the cram-stress. Wa najud natabang. Nasirang pangarap jd toh. The feeling of that memory really left a bad aftertaste that I vowed never to cram my costumes again. I would rather not cosplay than cram a project. 

And so I missed so many events :(

WELL ANYWAY. Back to the goal.
I have about 3 months to prepare for this cosplay.
I am kind of excited :)
And whats more exciting is that 3 of my other friends are also planning to go as Dota characters. And we could go as a group so its less lonely.

I used to play Dota back in first year high school. And the character I used over and over again was Lina because I just felt she was the most powerful female hero. feeling ra toh naku atu na time ha. But that was a very short period of time, I don't remember very much. But I can still remember the map and locations of the 2 black markets, enough to impress my expert player cousins.

What I am excited about is the freedom I get when I interpret the costume. There are a lot of different popular fan art renditions of the costume and each brings something different to the table. So I dont have to worry about comparisons (which is a challenge when you're doing a much loved character).



if i can develop naningness here, it will transcend to my academics too!

Oh gawd this post is so jeje but I really wanted to make it.
I hope nobody I know in real life reads this.


Im not dead yet!



This is just to let you know that after 2546778 years of not updating, this blog is not dead yet.

If this blog was a pet, it would be malnourished by now. So its time to feed feed feed. Its semestral break now so I got all the time I need! (until break ends and blog gets famished again huehuehue)

In the meantime, here's are some pictures of Iggy Azalea to make this post longer.

when Iggy in the spot they be Iggin y'all hoes

Liebster Award


Yay finally blogged my liebster award nomination! The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of work and academic stress. ho ho 

I would like to thank LUPUS HEARTBEAT and ESSIE for nominating me! :D I am truly so touched.

So What is this Liebster Award?

The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. So, what is a Liebster?  The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. Isn't that sweet? Blogging is about building a community and it's a great way to connect with other bloggers and help spread the word about newer bloggers/blogs.

Here are the rules for receiving this award:
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the 11 questions that the tagger set for you.
3. Create 11 questions for the people you’ve tagged to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. No tag backs!

 Ok so here goes

11 Questions 
(reused some because these are such awesome questions)

1. Favorite Dessert
2. Favorite Singer
3. Favorite Actor/Actress
4. Tattoo or Piercing? and in which body part?
5. Marvel or DC?
6. Explore deep sea or outer space?
7. Your style inspiration
8. Biggest beauty mistake
9. Skater skirt or skinny jeans and why?
10. Your guilty pleasure
11. If you weren't you, who would you want to be?

11 people i tag
check them out!

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11. http://thestyle-o-meter.blogspot.com/

ps: some of these blogs are of my friends who don't update much anymore. hopefully this tag will encourage them to blog more :)

I'm off to tell these bloggers now!

Summer ender!


warning: extremely pic-heavy post, may cause lag. (just like how all my posts are)
credits to reinna and aubrey for the pics!

So, summer is pretty much over here at home :( Good thing we got a chance to hang out together at Kirsten's private pool; (char lang) and have some fun before school starts *sobs* *prepares self for extreme stress and more sleepless nights.*

So if you're reading this and it is the start of your summer break, here's some stuff you can do at the pool with the girls:

lots of hair flipping.
i used to think this was sooo mainstream.. well yeah maybe it still is but it looks cool on cam!

  blow bubbles! yeah we're kids like that 

summer pool party not complete without jump shots

more bubbles! trust me, we had more fun than the 4-year olds around

and then suddenly we felt like doing something ANTM-ish.
Tyra ain't got nothin' on us.



Kirsten's my fave!

~ end of feeling model shots ~

Do you feel me when I say this shot totally has McDonalds-wall potential??
or nagfeeler ra ko?

Ends post with customary self shots. like always
Now im off to mourn my flatness.