A touch of diary


Journal-like post. Give this blog a touch of diary!

You know that feeling when you were so excited for something, you anticipated it coming, and you always had something to look forward to everyday? And then comes the time when what you waited for, for so long finally arrives but the feeling of excitement suddenly isn't there anymore? There's isn't anything more to look forward to..... so you result to doing ordinary, mundane things.

Hellooo summer.

It's times like this, times when I have nothing serious to do, I start to wonder if everything we do here
on Earth is worth it. What is the point of all of this if I'm just going to decay and turn to dust in the end? Why do we have to work so hard to live nicely? What does it matter if we're all going to die anyway. Why does physical appearance have such high value in society? I thought all we humans needed was food, clothing, shelter and simple love. Why do people easily get carried away by the flow of society? Is your red the same as my red? Are we even playing the same language game?

Sometimes I get so frustrated when a friend fails to understand me. Frustrated because it's nobody's fault really. It's always hard when there's no one to blame for your sad feelings. It all turns to self pity in the end.

And then all these thoughts start to pent up since you have no one to express to. So you resort to the internet. hahaist

Yeahp. Just like shower time, everybody has those moments. I'm sure you do too. It's not just me. 

So what's the point of all of this? I also don't know. Just do it because that's what I want to do right now. People are always more emotional than rational. 

And a random picture of Adrianne Palicki

Yes. On another note, the G.I Joe Retaliation movie, was just okay.
Why did they completely change the cast? 
Why did the Joes suddenly become so low-brow? 
In the first movie they had cool hi-tech suits and the enemy had more impressive nanomite technology. The sequel was more ordinary... 
But I really liked looking at Adrianne Palicki, it's like I have this girl crush on her. heehee 
her role was totally fan service

I really really like this part where she acts all coool. hehe 

and don't forget this one too. hekheke#$%^& 

That's all.


Otaku Fest VI


As I'm typing this, it's been exactly 2 months since Otaku Fest. And as you read this, its probably been even longer since the actual event. 

And right now, I'm actually watching Deadman Wonderland, really gory and sick (not sick as in cool but sick as in messed up) anime, I kinda regret watching it. But once I start a show, I just have to finish it. I'll be bothered forever until I get to the ending. And the streaming is so slo0o0o0www I have to do something productive while waiting.

Our group went as redesigned Wizard of Oz characters. (no one would get us if we went alone, so stick together was a must) and im the scarecrooww ~ ~

                                                             So on to the EVENT PICS! 
                                                      apologies in advance, I didnt get to photograph every cosplayer
                                                            and a lot of these are ninja shots from different cams i have

barefoot! talk about dedication :)

Peter Pan's chicks without peter pan

 Hahaha everyone loved the dog! HAHAHAhhahahaha......... *sobs*


ends post with self shot
 para di lang mu kalimut naku HAHAHAHA

see u at Cosmaze Carnival!!!!


50's Diner Shoot :)

Le Diner Shoot!
*cue in Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock Song*

Themed restaurants, especially ones that have actual antique pieces are always the interesting ones! TAKE ME BACK TO THAT TIME!! (capslock para intense)

There are about 4 50's-themed diners here in Cebu (as of now). 
Sam's Diner near CDU - has the party vibe with bright lights, colorful ware and jukebox
Crown Regency's Fabulous 50's Cafe (2 branches) - vintage, musuem-like, chill vibe
District 50 in JCentre Mall - will go there soon kay hapit na Cosmaze Carnivaaaal

i love meeh shiny shoes *u*

This 50's cafe had a lot of vintage tin signages and paraphernalia. lav it!

Why hey there? 
ahaha why this smile make me look pedo

the face says: sexxaayyy burger

work dat mole like its actually yours

Had much fun :)

Shot at Crown Regency's 50s Cafe, Guadalupe
Shot by Gen Sagmon
HMUA: Jessie Glova


50's Carnival Shoot :)


Ola! Oishari finally has a new post! for shari's own amusement!

and I finally discovered the "followers" widget just now,  HAHA noob. special thanks to thatrandomgirl and thebindicator..  hahaha

Sooooo, what is my favorite eye candy? It's anything vintage. Anything from the past just seems so interesting.  

And my favorite era? You guessed it, the 50's. I just love the pin-up girls, the cadillacs, the tin signages, the diners, the music, the cartoons, everything.

So when I turned 18, I decided to go for a 50's-inspired photoshoot.  bwehehe

The heart tattoo stockings are DIY, with my bestfriend Kurecolor.

Achieve ba ang pin-up? 

(No, I am not a model; but I almost fooled ya, I know I know HAHAHA feeler lang thick-skinned)

This was taken at St. James Carnival, Mandaue Reclamation.
Shot by Gen Sagmon
HMUA: Jessie Glova

Diner shoot next!