50's Carnival Shoot :)


Ola! Oishari finally has a new post! for shari's own amusement!

and I finally discovered the "followers" widget just now,  HAHA noob. special thanks to thatrandomgirl and thebindicator..  hahaha

Sooooo, what is my favorite eye candy? It's anything vintage. Anything from the past just seems so interesting.  

And my favorite era? You guessed it, the 50's. I just love the pin-up girls, the cadillacs, the tin signages, the diners, the music, the cartoons, everything.

So when I turned 18, I decided to go for a 50's-inspired photoshoot.  bwehehe

The heart tattoo stockings are DIY, with my bestfriend Kurecolor.

Achieve ba ang pin-up? 

(No, I am not a model; but I almost fooled ya, I know I know HAHAHA feeler lang thick-skinned)

This was taken at St. James Carnival, Mandaue Reclamation.
Shot by Gen Sagmon
HMUA: Jessie Glova

Diner shoot next!



  1. Love the shots *_____* and the model as well ;) WAHAHAHA XD

  2. You're so gorgeous! Love the scenery and that candyfloss looks so yummy! Thank you for your comment on my blog xo


  3. OMG I AM OBSESSED TOO!! I created this blog for it http://vintageglamourgirl.wordpress.com/ hahah, now i can follow u too cuz u have some great pics girl! Mind if i use one of your on my site? you look fab!