I Got That Summertime, Summertime Sadness


This photo is totally tumblr-worthy.

Willing to go through anything just to get a good picture, here we are lying straight under the scorching hot sun. It took several tries to get THE ONE where everyone was smiling. If you saw the outtakes, you'd know that the struggle is real. 

So how was your summer break?
I am pretty BUMMED that our 4-month summer break is ending.
The majority of our summer was mostly spent on internships so we didn't have long breaks.
We weren't one of those people on Facebook who kept complaining about the long break. In fact, after 4 moths, we were all like, 4 months na? Dalia ra oy.

This blogpost is dedicated to my only vacay outing with friends this summer. 

In between our 1st and 2nd internships, we had a breather week. So we planned this mini trip to this new local beach resort. And by new, i mean NEW. It hasn't officially opened yet so I had to call the management in advance to make reservations. And when we arrived, we were the only guests there! So we pranced around like we owned the place. 

Hence the gazillion photos of us scenery. The shameless camwhores we are.

Don't I just look so happy here?

We truly had loads of fun posing swimming.

Its been roughly more than a year since my last pool summer post - with almost~ the exact same hoes.

Now that I mentioned it, FUNNY thing is, I only ever get 1 pool party every summer break.
I know right? I get a lot of action.

Notice the cute dreamcatcher necklaces everyone's sporting? and the flower crowns? My classmates make them by hand and you can order these from All Things Handmade. They can also do custom designs for crowns, bracelets rings - the works! They ship too :)

Tumblr-worthy baaa or not? 

Good bye summer! 10 months til we meet again
Til then I shall deal with school whilst trying to find myself.


Oh so you thought this post was done?

I never end posts without the customary shot of thyself.
Just lovin' the reflections from the sunglasses.
And for some reason, my armpit looks just FLAWLESS in this shot.
Ha ha!

Next time bitches!

Shari :)

DIY Lightweight Costume Horns


First off, let me just say that this blog HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE!
Been so busy with school for the past few months that I had to go on hiatus for a little while.

Anywaaaay, in my previous post Horny Girls, we had a little photoshoot showcasing our below P100 DIY costume which won in our Fine Arts - Mindworks costume parade. Haha.

And as promised, I will be showing you the DIY Tutorial I used as guide to make my horns + my DIY on how I created mine. And how timely, Maleficent the movie is coming up!


Horns tutorial by MonkeyNumber5 

Initially I had planned on making the horns out of a wire armature + paper mache. But I imagined it would be heavy and I didn't have the time and patience to work with wire; the parade was in 2 days, bub. So I looked for a lightweight alternative and ta-da I found this clever tutorial!

So I followed the tutorial, adding my own design to the horns.  I wanted something that looked tough, like the horns of a Taurus or the Chicago Bulls. But I also wanted it to be feminine at the same time. So I gave my horns 2 body curves and a sharp tip.

The bigger segments were easier to do compared to the smaller ones. When the curve got sharper, I had to do trial and error until I was contented.
This is the result:

                                          Best part is they're hollow and lightweight!

And then I painted them with a black latex base.
The bulk of the time making this was spent on trial-and-error ing the angle of each segment.
  Total work hours estimate: 3 hours

If you like your horns that way, you can stop there. But I wanted to add texture to my horns so it would appear to blend in with the hair. So I cut some fiberfill (stuff used to stuff pillows) strips and glued them on each segment. 

Tried a different editing style with this photo. 

So after I layered the fiberfill, I spray painted it black for the final look.
The color and texture is intended to imitate hair. 

Now you can sew them unto a headband if you have the time. I didn't, so the quickest thing I could find at home were tie wires. I tied them tight into the headband. 

Much better though if the wires were the same color as the headband. But it didn't bother me since it was going to be covered with hair anyway. 

And yes, that is a headband that is shaped like eyeglasses; pretty advantageous for this improvised design, so the tie wire has more to grab on. 

And that's it!
The method is pretty simple and the possibilities are limitless with what you can create.

Next time betches,


Horny Girls


Photo taken by: Kriss Milan
Pun intended. You perv.

So every December we Fine Arts students of UP Cebu hold this event called Mindworks.  Part of this program are the Costume Parade, Street Painting and Performance Night. It's basically an avenue for creative expression of all forms, in line with a certain theme.

(Last last year, we went as shadows, with all black body paint and freaked out everyone with us in the jeepney.)

In the most recent December, our theme was Bangongot, meaning Nightmare; cause we look like nightmares everyday.  
HAHAHA. Ofcourse not. 
"Bangongot" to raise awareness on the recent tragic nightmares (earthquakes and a super typhoon)  that struck the Philippines. 

Being the usual vain divas that we are, we were determined to have a themed costume even with our busy schedule and limited funds. So we had to conjure up a look that was inexpensive, quick but eye-catching.

And voila! what makes a bigger statement than in-yo-face-HORNS. + no eyebrows makeup. 

And ofcourse divas never dress up if there aren't any pictures. HAHAHA
Having photographer friends is also very convenient. haha

Photos taken by: Kriss Milan and Ryan Seismundo

                                   Kirsten and her goat horns.

Andrea and her ram horns.

Me and my maleficent inspired horns.

Happy Weekend Bitches!

Will be posting a DIY on these horns soon.