Ordinary day noh?



hala ka diha
Or not.

It was the day of the fine arts crazy costume parade. Everyone from the art dept. got the chance to wear crazy costumes and walk around school. The theme was "Pasikat" meaning to show-off.
(c) Ryan Seismundo
Yes, the one in the bra far left is a guy

Since some of my friends and I are such divas, we first opted for the craziest costume that was sure to turn heads -- All Gold Body Paint.


Pero crisis naman karun panahona black nalang kay naay black na tube ug leggings, makatipid tas pintal. 

So black paint nalang because its cheaper. Our goal then shifted to SCARE & IMPRESS. #insert evil laugh  (But actually, as i was looking through this one photo of me, i kinda ended up scaring myself. how lame)

At first, we wore wigs for total CRAZY costume effect

 I really wanted to take shitbrix looking shots but we resisted the urge to smile since black paint makes our teeth look horribly yellow (er than it already is..jk)

For the betches, here are yo solos.
Edited the eyes, mystique lang teh 

Mystique din si ate.

 And a little bit of me... :3
Please appreciate my effort to look dramatic.

Took the wigs off last minute to look more serious and emotional. 
I was laughing here so I cropped myself out 
 Y 2 U SO HOT?!?!

During the parade, some kids even asked for our picture! hehe *so flattered* fans self*
(c) Ryan Seismundo

 And to make this post even more self-absorbed, some teachers and friends even commented
"hala kagwapa bsag gi itoman" 
translated: they look beautiful even when covered in black paint

haha. :) 

So we went home looking like this....

In public transportation.

Wasn't kidding.

 It was actually fun though, the people riding with us in the jeepney were really kind.
A nice kuya took our picture.
And some uncles asked us many questions about the paint and what event. (Very funny they thought at first it was charcoal) They immediately guessed we were from UP.

It looked even scarier with the paint chipping off.
Please say you still love me.

And when we got off, there was still a 5-minute walk to the house. We received more amused/scared/in-awe faces from the locals. And another random manong said we still looked pretty. HAHAHA *embarrassed*

(Acrylic on skin)

-Shari XD


  1. This looks lovely and I'm glad you all had such fun - but please, don't use acrylics on skin. They're only non-toxic for the purpose intended - that is, for use on paper, etc. Professional body paint or similar mediums by reputable companies such as Mehron, TAG or Wolfe are tested for use on skin, and are cosmetic grade products.

    The levels of lead, heavy metals and other contaminants in acrylics and other craft paints, whilst not a problem when they're used for "normal" painting, can cause severe allergic reactions on skin.

  2. Thank you very much for the concern, I really appreciate it :)
    We will be sure look into that next time.

    Happy Holidays!

  3. I like your pictures, you three look gorgeous in black :) very lovely! Thank you for sharing.