Just to make sure


that i make sure that i surely act on this project for sure.

By announcing the existence of such project I ensure that I try my best to accomplish it. (Because I always try my best to fulfill anything I publicly announce so as to not embarrass myself).

Because i think i need to make the remaining time i have left on this break useful and "goal-oriented". HEHE!
Because my sembreak this time is so0o0o not goal oriented.
What have I been doing all the time?
BUMMING and taking selfies. And i enjoy it very much.

plenty more where this came from

During school days, I easily get eaten up by stress. I can normally handle it though but this semester was the hardest one so far, I had a little episodic breakdown in front of my mother (shhh its our little secret okayy). So I promised myself that when break comes, I WILL BUM AT HOME AND FORGET THE WORLD.

and yeah i have.

But while I'm doing that, i think i need to set some "goals" because school starts next next week. booo.
I need to start getting it together. Oooohhh that makes me sound like balanced individual.

But funny thing is none of these goals are actually academic. They consist of mundane girly stuff like getting my hair done, getting some clothes tailor fitted, getting more clothes, buying lipgloss and getting better skin??
But thats not the point of this post.
The biggest goal, which is the point of this whole post, is cosplay-related. 

it is so embarrassing. idk why
if you're reading this, i hope we don't go to the same school.

I wanna go as Lina Inverse of Dota to OtakuFest2014. 
I will go as Lina Inverse of Dota to OtakuFest2014. 

My first choice was actually the Vengeful Spirit, Shendelzare Silkwood from dota 2 simply because her costume is the COOLEST. (with less skimpy modifications ofcourse)

But I decided to go with Lina in the end because I wanted to choose the character I knew more.
I hope I can actually do this.

I keep telling myself: no more room for doubt and hesitation. The last time I allowed that there were severe repercussions. 

Because I am so indecisive and i hesitate for TOO LONG, I have this really bad habit of cramming, especially on costumes.  I do enjoy making them but I always end up cramming them because I take too long to decide and don't plan ahead. 
Nevertheless, I usually always get away with it and manage to show up with something considerably good. I feel confident that I can complete a costume in about just 3 days time. 

Madhatter, 2012 (first time ever)

Scarecrow, 2013

Corpse Bride, 2013

But there was this one time that I crammed a costume so bad, I didn't make it in time to the convention. I managed to finish it and put it on but by the time we were on the way, I had a bad head ache and the event was about to end anyway. So I didn't push through. 

the "i got ready but didn't make it" selfie

I even got sick because of the cram-stress. Wa najud natabang. Nasirang pangarap jd toh. The feeling of that memory really left a bad aftertaste that I vowed never to cram my costumes again. I would rather not cosplay than cram a project. 

And so I missed so many events :(

WELL ANYWAY. Back to the goal.
I have about 3 months to prepare for this cosplay.
I am kind of excited :)
And whats more exciting is that 3 of my other friends are also planning to go as Dota characters. And we could go as a group so its less lonely.

I used to play Dota back in first year high school. And the character I used over and over again was Lina because I just felt she was the most powerful female hero. feeling ra toh naku atu na time ha. But that was a very short period of time, I don't remember very much. But I can still remember the map and locations of the 2 black markets, enough to impress my expert player cousins.

What I am excited about is the freedom I get when I interpret the costume. There are a lot of different popular fan art renditions of the costume and each brings something different to the table. So I dont have to worry about comparisons (which is a challenge when you're doing a much loved character).



if i can develop naningness here, it will transcend to my academics too!

Oh gawd this post is so jeje but I really wanted to make it.
I hope nobody I know in real life reads this.


Im not dead yet!



This is just to let you know that after 2546778 years of not updating, this blog is not dead yet.

If this blog was a pet, it would be malnourished by now. So its time to feed feed feed. Its semestral break now so I got all the time I need! (until break ends and blog gets famished again huehuehue)

In the meantime, here's are some pictures of Iggy Azalea to make this post longer.

when Iggy in the spot they be Iggin y'all hoes