Enthusiastic Teenagers


Is it possible to just suddenly become overly sensitive for no apparent reason?
I've always been called dense, insensitive, isog and I always took pride in knowing that.

But just recently I've been turning into a big baby.

I cried like 1236273 times in Catching Fire, like even more than Les Mis. wth?? Well, IT WAS A PRETTY GOOD MOVIE. Trumps the first one all the way. 

I normally don't do mainstream things or join the hype. So it felt really funny/awkward to line up to get tickets to Catching Fire with hundreds of ENTHUSIASTIC TEENAGERS. I felt so old. 

I watched with my cousins and we watched during Premiere Week, so there were TEENAGERS ALL OVER THE PLACE. 

During the movie itself, every kiss scene, every Liam Hemsworth scene, every Peeta-close-up scene, you could hear SCREAMING TEENAGERS. oh gawd how i am supposed to listen to the conversations with screaming teenagers everywhere?!?!


I also cried like 1233 times in Frozen. And get a load of this: I CRIED IMMEDIATELY DURING THE OPENING TITLE. You know the opening title of Disney with the castle? Yeah I just suddenly burst out into tears in that part. 

Its not like I haven't seen a Disney movie in years. I watch every Disney film, I don't know why I cried in this one's opening title. It must be because of the music. The music played in Frozen's opening title was different, not the "When you wish upon a star" theme. It was pretty good. 

Or maybe it was the CHILDHOOD FEELS just rushing up at the sight of magical Disney.

And that was just the intro. I cried in every succeeding scene and song.. until about the middle part where Olaf comes in. This character is damn funny, everybody kept laughing during the 2nd half. 

I must say it was a pretty good Disney movie. There were new elements and the humor was very modern. To me, this was one those movies where I like the beginning more than the end. The ending wasn't that stunning but the story progression as a whole was FABULOUS. (for lack of a better term). 

And the singing was FABULOUSSS. Idina Menzel really brings out the FABULOUSSNESS of her character, Elsa
Elsa's transformation was just FABULOUUSSS!!

It was just sad that they had to make Prince Hans a bad character. Well, it was best for the kids since every Disney movie needs a bad guy. But it would have been more realistic if his character wasn't so flat and predictable. 

But the whole movie itself was FABULOOUUUS!!!!


Just a disclaimer, I am still a teenager myself but... I think I don't feel like one??
More like an adult in a mid-life crisis in a teenager's skin.
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Happy Holidays Bitches!