Horny Girls


Photo taken by: Kriss Milan
Pun intended. You perv.

So every December we Fine Arts students of UP Cebu hold this event called Mindworks.  Part of this program are the Costume Parade, Street Painting and Performance Night. It's basically an avenue for creative expression of all forms, in line with a certain theme.

(Last last year, we went as shadows, with all black body paint and freaked out everyone with us in the jeepney.)

In the most recent December, our theme was Bangongot, meaning Nightmare; cause we look like nightmares everyday.  
HAHAHA. Ofcourse not. 
"Bangongot" to raise awareness on the recent tragic nightmares (earthquakes and a super typhoon)  that struck the Philippines. 

Being the usual vain divas that we are, we were determined to have a themed costume even with our busy schedule and limited funds. So we had to conjure up a look that was inexpensive, quick but eye-catching.

And voila! what makes a bigger statement than in-yo-face-HORNS. + no eyebrows makeup. 

And ofcourse divas never dress up if there aren't any pictures. HAHAHA
Having photographer friends is also very convenient. haha

Photos taken by: Kriss Milan and Ryan Seismundo

                                   Kirsten and her goat horns.

Andrea and her ram horns.

Me and my maleficent inspired horns.

Happy Weekend Bitches!

Will be posting a DIY on these horns soon.