Crazy Hats!


Hai! How are you, barbecue?

For our materials class, (we are Product Design students btw) we were individually required to create Crazy Hats made from rubber foam. We were also allowed to paint our hats.

As a bonus, we also got to wear them at the Pasko sa UP Cebu parade. The theme here was "Filipino icons/ roles in society"  Bonggels!

Our hats were quite the head turners. (hehehe i lav it!)
                                                                     meeeeeeeeeeeee :D
                                                                Manang shari's street food.
                                   Haha so funny, everyone was like Manaang, tagpila ang usa ka tuhog?

 And  check out my classmates' cool hats 

kirsten's Vide Ganda-Inspired horsey


Immelda Marcos and her shoes





Uiversity of the Philippines

SM City Mall 

Jeepney Driver!

Student. haha

Bridal Cake

Name says it all :D

Mardigra and Monique Lhuiller 

Maria Makiling-inspired

During the parade!


Haha ka cute sa diver

And another one of meee XD hehe

Not bad for our first encouter with rubber foam eh?

Hapit na Paskoooooooooo 

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