Dear Older Shari


So much for sentimental year-ender post, when it takes me forever to even decide the first sentence.

I had always envied people who had their way with words; the kind of people who do "creative writing". They write and blog with such good choice of words that you can actually feel what they're feeling. I could never have thought of a better way for expressing a thought like that. 
                         I wonder, is it an innate talent or a skill acquired through practice?

"For me, words are sacred, they are what translate through the spectrums of humanity"
-Lana Del Rey

I used to think that writing was lame. Then I realized that it was just me being so unconfident in expressing myself. Low-esteem child.

But don't feel sorry for me. I don't. In fact, I'm pretty proud of myself.. HAHA mahangin si ate. (ACTIVATE self-admiration! haha) 

So this time, I decided to start a diary. When I feel spontaneous, I will write. And this time, I write without hesitation and bias, but with direct honesty.They say that keeping a journal relieves stress and keeps you healthy. I hope that really does work for me since I easily get stressed by the smallest shit possible.  And hopefully it also improves my writing skill. 


Dear Older Shari, 
                      I know that when you are bored, you like to look back on moments that make you smile like a dirty old man. So when you decide to go all retrospect on yourself and wonder what happened in the year-of-the-mayan-apocalypse, you won't have a hard time. Because I have already compiled the important events that made your 2012. All because I love me. :)

                                                                                                         -Shari of December 31, 2012

Made a costume and cosplayed for the first time. Mad Hatter Yeah!

Joined Miss UP Cebu and came out 2nd Runner Up. Yehey!!!

My first summer job! Summer Art Workshop 2012
Art and Design for kids 6-9
after EMCEEing the kid's program, kinda losyang
le student teachers

As Sleeping Beauty for Kirsten's Modern Disney Princess Fashion Show

As a Design Student

first-time material projects
Machine Gun from foamboard

Dragonfly wire armature

Rubber Foam crazy hat

First time I learned to render in photoshop!!!! 
Or more like I learned to use photoshop in 2012.
I know what you're thinking, "a 17 year-old design student just learned this now?! NOOB."
Haha but I am so proud. I've never rendered on paper before. My first rendering was directly on photoshop. Since its first time ofcourse it looks noob compared to expert ones but i am quite proud of me. (struggle baya kaau ni na)

 EMCEEd debut of a friend

Black Bodies

and right now patiently waiting for SNSD's comeback,.. i mean the New Year. haha #lifeofaSONE

Happy New Year everyone, may God Bless us All!

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