Otaku Fest VI


As I'm typing this, it's been exactly 2 months since Otaku Fest. And as you read this, its probably been even longer since the actual event. 

And right now, I'm actually watching Deadman Wonderland, really gory and sick (not sick as in cool but sick as in messed up) anime, I kinda regret watching it. But once I start a show, I just have to finish it. I'll be bothered forever until I get to the ending. And the streaming is so slo0o0o0www I have to do something productive while waiting.

Our group went as redesigned Wizard of Oz characters. (no one would get us if we went alone, so stick together was a must) and im the scarecrooww ~ ~

                                                             So on to the EVENT PICS! 
                                                      apologies in advance, I didnt get to photograph every cosplayer
                                                            and a lot of these are ninja shots from different cams i have

barefoot! talk about dedication :)

Peter Pan's chicks without peter pan

 Hahaha everyone loved the dog! HAHAHAhhahahaha......... *sobs*


ends post with self shot
 para di lang mu kalimut naku HAHAHAHA

see u at Cosmaze Carnival!!!!



  1. i think your costume is one of the best!

  2. COOL SHIT MAN.......

  3. Hi Shari,
    thanks for checking out my blog and your nice comment! Love what you do and follow you back;)


  4. Are there more cosplayers in the morning or in the afternoon? Planning best time to go there this week. Thanks!

    1. omg so sorry for the late reply super busy past few days wasnt able to check.

      so i take it you went to ofest 7 last saturday? more cosplayers in the afternoon :)