Bestfriends Kure and Prisma


Ola tinola!

For our Design Communications class, we were taught basic rendering with markers and colored pencils. Namely Kurecolor markers and Prismacolor pencils. yehey makalearn na jud kog rendering ^,^

Before any of this, I had always been afraid of markers. BECAUSE THEY ARE MARKERS. one mistake and your whole work goes *poof*. sayang-sayang pa jd ink na perteng mahala sa usa ka pen. 

                                                                 Also, markers naturally have very visible stroke lines. 
                                                                 See la, strokes are quite visible.
If you're aiming for the "smooth solid color" look with markers, you gotta even out your strokes and apply 2-3 layers or the strokes are gonna be damn visible. So we had to keep doing stroke practice. I think I used 3x the amount of one plate on practice alone. And i think one classmate's pen ran out of ink right after the first plate. haha

But in the final output after a considerable amount of casualties & repetitions (HAHA)....... no more visible strokes dbaaaaa?? While working, edges were masked with magic tape.

(uneven lighting due to plastic cover)
3D Shapes Basic Rendering
The cubes were done with markers while the spheres with colored pencils. The gradient effects with chalk pastel. 


Next we gotta render a real 3d object. Our teacher gave us a sample and we had to recreate it.

First I filled in the colors with the markers. After exhausting my marker pens on the previous plates, the ink was starting to fade, hence the visible lines. So gotta invest in refill bottle since pens don't magically refill themselves.

Never mind the jagged edges, since we gonna cut-out the final product anyway. Also magic tape and scratch paper are there to protect the blue while you color the black and vice versa. 

Can you guess what it is? 

Almost done color blocking

                                     Starting to add some shadows and highlights with the colored pencils

   Can you guess now?

    yeah yeah its a drill gun
 There were also some mishaps ofcourse. Do you see that HOLT TZ750 lettering? that's terrible. 
And that was the last step. Admittedly I need to work on my lettering skills, and find a better white pen. hahaha

Zig Painty white pen, the bane of my existence!!! I'm gonna preach to the world how bad you are.
Do you hear me????

Probably if you're doing free-form, this pen would be okay. But for everything else, it is terrible. ALL of us in class agree that it is completely uncontrollable. The ink doesn't come out evenly and it isn't free-flowing. You're going to have to always practice adjusting to it, to be able to control it right. 

So yeah, if you're one of those who can easily use this pen, my respect goes out to you. It's a gift.

Good thing I managed to cover up that mishap. 
Lettering still sucks though. 
But I did my best. next time don't cram that.




  2. very good! O_O